I’ve decided to blog out a sample of one of my WIP. This is the first novel I have started, though I do have a few others started as well. This novel is a fantasy novel and will contain dwarfs and other mythical beings in it. So if short, chubby people with beards make you queasy, then you’re probably stepping outside of your favored genre. On the other hand, I hope that I bring some originality to these mythical beings. Upfront, I rarely follow conventions because, truly, I don’t know many of the conventions of the genre to begin with. I’m a moderately-read at present.

I hope I can blog out some tips along the way, and I hope to learn lots of things myself. I thank you for taking the time and interest in my writings and good luck in your own writings!



Still struggling with the death of his father, a melancholy dwarf finds a darker part of himself rising to power once again. Afraid of losing himself, he is pushed overcome a past that he cannot see. Or die trying. Meanwhile, an unknown enemy lurks the forest and the underground. Being the only one that has seen them though, the dwarf wonders if they are an ancient enemy or just the illusions of his crazed mind and shattered past.


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