Picture Practice 1 : Tower of Ice

Ice Castle

Ice Castle

I find it inspiring to look at a picture every once in a while and try to repaint it in writing. I encourage you to write your own practice and post them as a response.

My Practice:

The tower’s sharp points stabbed the sky, a hand of claws raised against the heavens. A layer of snow and frost clung to the crevices of the door. A frothy mist hung about the dark entrance, cold and desolate. The sky faded from blizzard blue to a foreboding azure from west to east. Beyond the tower, an icy plateau climbed to nearly half the height of the tower and vested a sheer drop into the tower’s rocky tomb. White snow and black rocks covered the ground. Icy waters crept towards the entrance, a promise of inescapable death to the unwary traveler. The tower shown white in the morning light, but the shadow at its back was blue. Ice cracked as his knuckles knocked upon the frozen metal door. A chill racked his spine as the knock made an icy echo throughout the tower.

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