And the days go by…

I love that movie “Click”, you know, the one with Adam Sandler in it. Watched it at least 5 times.

But, I disagree with it. Who in the heck would hit the |>>| button?

I’ve close friends in high school that I don’t know where they are, or they have kids I’ve never met, or they just got married 2 weeks ago and I just found out today. I’m so busy chasing my dreams and my kids that I rarely have time to look out of my nest and look around at the world. I feel like I’m in a vehicle going so fast down the highway that, when I look out the window, cities are flying by in seconds and I’m nauseated by the amount of motion. So much for sight-seeing at the Grand Canyon, its already 1000’s of miles away… Where’s the darn pause button?

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