Novel Update: Schedule and Plans

Ran some estimates and calculations.

I’m sitting happily at 32,000 words, about 180 pages. Based on having a middle, end, and everything in between, my estimated final word count is between 93,000 and 112,000.

So, I’ve two options. Write one book that will be between 522-620 pages. Or, write two books, with a cliffhanger break, that are 260-310 pages, or thereabouts.

Aside from that, that means its time to divulge my schedule for completion. Given 21 weeks time the end of December, my original completion date, I would have to write between 4500 and 5500 words per week. This is around my normal writing speed goals. But only when I’m WRITING. I do a lot of editing as I go, filling in the fine details and refining the ideas. Currently, my “dialog chapters” are taking a few days apiece to transform from me narrating to the character narrating. I think I’m going to go with a tighter schedule, and go for 14 weeks of editing, 21 weeks for writing.

So in 35 weeks, in April 2014, the writing/editing for my book will be complete. That will only leave me the final edit sometime after.

I’ve got about 6 months to finish a book and a half. I guess I better get to work then!

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