Writing Day to Day

It’s amazing how much my opinion of my book changes both in an overall sense and from a day-to-day basis.

One day I’ll wish I would have never started and want to throw it all away. This usually comes from comparison. The stupid thing, I guess, is that the comparison occurs between my incomplete story and someone else’s complete story. An incomplete story will never be as good as or even comparable to a complete story. Well, unless the complete story truly sucks.

Then, there are those days you feel like nothing in your novel feels original. Everything is a borrowed idea from one place or another. Though, for me, this isn’t completely true anyway, sometimes it can lead to a rather disappointed feeling. Who cares if you stole a few ideas? How much success comes from other peoples ideas? A heck of a lot. The author of Twilight was most definitely influenced by Dark Shadows. I watched “How To Train Your Dragon” last night. I thought it was awesome. But, come on, its pretty much that classic story of boy in a culture he doesn’t fit into, then he finds a secret, then he is cool at the end because of something related to his secret. See that story over and over. It’s “White Fang” meets Anne McCaffrey or something. Besides putting their own spin on it, it’s all stolen ideas.

For me, yesterday was also one of the days you get excited about your book. I worked on my book some, and then I wrote one sentence and it moved me. I took a step back and looked at the whole book again in my mind, well, the parts that are there and the parts that I know will be there. Wow, today my novel is the greatest piece of literature ever written. Tomorrow I’ll probably want to throw it in the trash, but today it is amazing!

Being a writer means writing no matter what type of day it is.

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