Black to Blackest

Black to blackest
Whitest to white
Dark to Darkest
Lightest to light

Hope to hopeless
Silence to peace
Heat to coldness
The living must cease

Fixed to broken
Broken in me
Eyes are open
Too dark to see

Chance to failure
Failure to blame
Pain to endure
Always the same

Pain to suffer
Suffer to death
Dump my coffer
Suck out my breath

Give my Token
And cross the Sea
For Depression
Hath conquered me

By James Hall 8-9-2013

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4 Responses to Black to Blackest

  1. KraftedKhaos says:

    Great job! Nice to know I’m not the only rhyming poet out there 😉

    • vozey says:

      Thank you for reading my poems. I focus on rhyme and rhythm. I think rhythm can be a big part of making the rhyme sound better.

      Count your syllables. Establish a pattern. You might like doing so, and you might like the result.

  2. Rae Venn says:

    This is a really great poem! I find that I can only write free verse; when I try to rhyme things end up, um, let’s just say that the results aren’t pretty! But this poem rhymes AND doesn’t sound cheesy, which is an impressive feat.

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