One of the most important characteristics I find in other bloggers is reciprocity. I’m not trying to win a popularity contest, I’m trying to find like-minded individuals who are interested in my work. Another fruitless follow or another comment-less like just doesn’t mean much to me.

I’ve gave feedback on a number of blogs who just soak up the attention and never bother saying anything back. On the other hand, I’ve shown interest in others’ works by making comments and giving critiques, and they automatically took an interest in my materials.

It is kind of frustrating in a way because the kind of blogs I usually look into, blogs about writing, especially those writing a novel, really take a significant amount of time to analyze.

Maybe it is just me, but for those who take the time visit my side of blog-space, I always return the favor.

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5 Responses to Reciprocity

  1. Sandra_B says:

    I think everything comes in time. I have a preference for looking at blogs that maybe aren’t quite as established because it’s invigorating to connect with people who are on a similar path but who aren’t so far along with so many viewers and comments that they don’t give anyone else the time of day. Maybe they don’t have time. Maybe they don’t want to make it. It’s too bad. I understand what you are getting at, it’s nice to be appreciated for your efforts and taking the time to reach out to them when you yourself are strapped for time anyway.

    • vozey says:

      I like your comment, and I too often find myself responding to the “newbie”. Maybe sometimes just because it is easier to read all of their materials in a few days. Or maybe because I’ve seen lots of huge blogs that I can’t find anything in because they are so disorganized.

      I understand when people don’t have time. I kind of understand when people decide to “follow” your blog because they truly want to look at it. What I don’t understand are those who follow with no intentions of coming back. I don’t understand those who feign interest. But, to each his own.

      • Sandra_B says:

        Hmm. I haven’t experienced much of that but I am new to wordpress. I am not sure why someone would follow and not participate. Perhaps they just like to read and keep their thoughts to themselves?

      • vozey says:

        Based on stats/views, they probably do neither. When I get a follow I tend to look at who followed. Usually I’ll read some of their stuff, make some comments. Sometimes they respond, sometimes they don’t.

        Oh well, it works for me. I’ve stopped following others so easily though. I’ve already got a number of blogs that I’m following that aren’t fruitful.

        I’ve only been on here two months and I’ve come a decent ways. Just keep blogging.

      • Sandra_B says:

        I know what you mean by that. Before I follow a blog I try to scan through what they’ve written recently, see how active they are not only with their writing but their followership and decide if it’s something that I would like to continue to read over time.

        As long as you are writing for you, that is the #1 priority!

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