Don’t Mess with the Mystical

It stood on his hind legs, thin and muscly columns stabbing the ground and ending in thick round thorny claws. From its vertical foot sprouted a huge tensed thigh. Coarse hair jutted out in all directions. Its chest, an envy to all things robust, shifted rapidly with each pant. Bear-like arms ending in impressive claws that screamed their proficiency at tearing living beings to shreds.

Dayotan’s head rocked back as his eyes crawled up to the beast’s head. The luster of its feral eyes transformed the grey shades of the moon into blood-stains. Its ears tucked back under the its fur, nearly touching its neck. Hostility rolled down its wrinkled muzzle. Its brown nose wet and bumpy. Curled lips of black ringed the mouth and dripped with blood lust. The mouth, full of primal teeth, short and long jutting from the wet and red orifices of its gums, was ready to clamp warm flesh. Huge incisors offered a gory death.

Fear lay heavy on every hair on Dayotan’s body. Hackles raised, lips curled, claws extended, and a ferocious display of teeth, it was a familiar and aggressive pose. But, this was no wolf.

Community Story Board: Write a story about a Mythical Creature

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3 Responses to Don’t Mess with the Mystical

  1. Green Embers says:

    Ooo, this was great! Do you mind if post this on the Community Storyboard and link back to you?

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