How my Novel Series Began

Terminology: Pantser – a writer who writes by “the seat of their pants”.
Outliner – a writer that writes by outlining everything

When I started writing my novel series, I had only a fuzzy idea of where I wanted to go with it. The hardest part was probably finding a place to start. I put off starting for a couple of months simply because of not knowing where to start. The easiest way I found to start was to pants it. Pick some place and start writing. It was a good decision.

I feel there are scales for writers:

Pantser vs outliner
Editing vs no Editing
Probably a bunch more…

I’m neither completely a pantser or completely an outliner. I only outline major plot points, and I’ve only gotten there because I winged it. Yet, at the same time, I’ve got several other books in the series that I have a general idea of a beginning and an end.

As for editing vs no editing, I tend more towards editing. I can’t move on leaving something behind unrefined. One prompt on this site compares writing with sculpting. Well, if I was a sculptor, or a man who makes potions, I would sculpt out a general shape of, say, a hand. Then from there, I would refine that hand until it looked nearly perfect, then I would move on.

I feel the advantage to this approach is that when I do look back, I don’t hate what I see. If I were to attempt to push all the way to the end without edits, I would probably run out of motivation to do so because I felt the work stunk.

So, when I write new stuff, I do the best and most work when I take a journal and write with a blatant disregard for sentence structure, spelling, grammar, other people, and even hand-writing. I have to immediately type it up because I can’t even read but half the chicken scratch I generate.

So, I write without edit until the end of a chapter, then I refine the whole chapter.

Writing a novel is an interesting and entertaining experience, I encourage other writers to try.

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