Writing Withdrawl

Work to do

Up to Saturday night of last weekend, it was all work and no write. Birthday parties, animals, honey-do lists, boat maintenance, and, of course, babysitting. I’ve been cutting, pasting, editing, promoting, and getting critiques on the first 1/4 of my book for weeks. I haven’t been writing new material for 3 or 4 weeks!

Needless to say, by the end of Saturday, I was itching to write. My mood became one of those dark brooding things, and I found myself wanting to lash out at everyone. Putting a magnifying glass on our emotions comes with the territory of writing, and, also, over-reaction always catches up with you. Those little requests were the icing on the cake.

So, by the end of Saturday I was ready to scream at whining children and the wife. Which resulted in sudden guilt pangs and emotions coming out in tears instead of words. Ah, it’s been a few years, I was overdue.

Sunday we went fishing, and I wrote some down on the lake. Then, I got sick Sunday night. Ah… What an adventure!

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