Book Cover Prototype

So, I’ve been re-examining the title of my novel:


Greybo: A Dwarven Tale

Still struggling with the death of his father, Darowyn, a melancholy dwarf finds a darker part of himself rising to power once again. Afraid of losing himself, he is pushed overcome a past that he cannot remember. Or die trying. Meanwhile, an unknown enemy lurks the forest and the underground. Being the only one that has seen them, the dwarf wonders if they are an ancient enemy or just the illusions of his crazed mind and shattered past.


Because it contains a story and a story within a story. But, I’ve come up with something symbolic in the internal story that represents the issues on the outside. It also foreshadows the series plot.

But, I wonder if someone will get the wrong impression based on the cover of the book:

 This is only a prototype and is based off of a hodgepodge of internet pictures.

Black Horse

Greybo: A Dwarven Legend


Eye of the Mare


Let me know your thoughts!

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