To Blog or To Write

write fast, blog faster?

write fast, blog faster?

This post is based on a Write Practice Topic

What do I think about blogging as a medium to fuel your unwritten book?

Write the book. A good blog can’t make up for a lack of stories or some good and some bad stories. If blogging is not your way of sharing your story, you can always go door-to-door like a Jehovah’s witness.

Honestly, I’ve been using my blog to find critique partners, because they will make my books better. Building an audience comes as a bonus and I refuse to spend hours and hours chasing rabbits on the internet.

If you want your book to spread like wildfire, write a book that they can’t forget, that they can’t help but talk about. The medium is still the same: word of mouth. It just travels a hellovalot faster these days.

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