Chiggers and Writing

When Chiggers Attack

When Chiggers Attack

My labor day weekend was spectacular. Got out nearly 6000 words, have in my head, the path for another 6000, which will bring me near the middle of my book.

I consider this an achievement since I’ve also spent the last three days driving posts and fixing fence. I have chigger bites up to my shoulders. I have chigger bites everywhere, and I do mean Everywhere.

My wife, my kids, they got like one or two.

I may be miserable, but I’m happy.

Monday morning was the day for writing. I probably knocked out 3000 words in a couple of hours. Then, my youngest, who was napping, woke up and puked on me.

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4 Responses to Chiggers and Writing

  1. Sandra_B says:

    I laughed out loud at the last sentence. I suppose having vomit on me would bring an abrupt end to writing, too. Too bad.

    What are chiggers?

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