Speed of Animals: Should I chase rabbits or chickens?

RabbitsFrom time to time, as I writer, I need to know how fast creatures and people can move. Also, it is really interesting just to think about. Why is a grizzly bear so much more dangerous than a brown bear? It moves a lot faster. Think you can outrun a lion? I hope you’re in a vehicle!

Here are my tables.

Horse Speeds
Walk 3-4 MPH
Trot 8-10 MPH
Canter 10-17 MPH
Gallop 30-40 MPH


Human Speeds
Top Crawling Speed 2-3 MPH
Walk 3 MPH
Average Running 8-16 MPH
Full Tilt Less than 28 MPH


Animal Speed(MPH)
Peregrine falcon 200.00+
White-throated Needletail (bird) 169
Swift bird 120
Spine-tailed swift 106
Pigeon 100
Black Marlin (Fish) 80
Cheetah 71
Sail fish 68
Humming Bird 61
Pronghorn antelope 61
Dragonfly 60
Free-tailed bat 60
Swordfish 60
Bat 50
Lion 50
Thomson’s gazelle 50
Wildebeest 50
Quarter horse 47.5
African Wild Dog 45
Cape hunting dog 45
Elk 45
Coyote 43
Mako shark 43
Gray fox 42
Greyhound dog 41
Cougar 40
Dolphin 40
Gazelle 40
Hyena 40
Mongolian wild ass 40
Ostrich 40
Wolf 40
Zebra 40
Whippet 35.5
donkey 35
Jackal 35
Moose 35
Mule deer 35
Rabbit 35
Giraffe 32
Reindeer 32
Cat (domestic) 30
Grizzly bear 30
Kangaroo 30
Wart hog 30
White-tailed deer 30
Human 27.89
Elephant 25
African Bush Elephant 24.9
Leatherback turtles (swimming) 22
Brown Bear 21.7
Black mamba snake 20
Roadrunner 20
Polar bear 18.6
Six-lined race runner 18
Squirrel 12
Pig 11
Chicken 9
Mouse 8
Cockroach 3
Mosquitofly 1.3
Spider (Tegenearia atrica) 1.17
Giant tortoise 0.17
Three-toed sloth 0.15
Garden snail 0.03


Okay, So I’ve looked around at several places for speeds of animals. The best I have found is this one http://www.speedofanimals.com. It has additional information also.

Like, pigs, though they don’t have a high maximum speed, they can reach full speed in just a few strides. I have a couple of pigs on my farm. Though my pig, Woofer (the kids named her), is of much better temperament than when she first arrived, she is still a little flighty. The scary thing is that were I in her pen and she wanted to take a bite out of my leg, she’d have it easy.

But she is nice, she lets me pet her.

I’ve also been looking for acceleration rates or sprinting speeds, but haven’t had much luck.

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2 Responses to Speed of Animals: Should I chase rabbits or chickens?

  1. ellisnelson says:

    So my dog can catch a rabbit. That’s a bad thing. He already chases them and actually caught a mouse. Must be more careful!

    • vozey says:

      Mine catches mice as well. She also chases off many animals, armadillos and such.

      Worst trait that my dog has is carting dead crap around. Things that have turned my stomach it was so gross. And you carry that around in your mouth! Yuck! Don’t lick me!

      Fortunately, she doesn’t do that much anymore.

      She did steal a roll of string the other day while we were trying to drive posts. She’ll do just about anything for attention.

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