Know what every writer needs, inspiration. Adrian von Ziegler has been an excellent source of inspiration for writing. I can only see him becoming an even greater source of inspiration in weeks to come.

So today, the stalemate ends and I write once again.

The clanking of the grated floor behind me pressed me onward. The urgency seeped in from my subconsciousness. The escape was on now, and my mind switched into a robotic entity once more. My body moved with such fluidity, I felt as a spectator watching the onslaught. I tore through two guards with my electric blades, stabbing one in the chest, while removing an arm of the other. The last slash left it in two pieces, spilling its mectoplasm through the grated floor to the infernal reactor core below. I knelt upon the grate, quickly attaching a charge on the underside of the metal walkway. In three minutes, the building wouldn’t exist. Time to take my leave.

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