The Last Bus ride

Iain tells an astounding short story. I read it twice! One of the best I’ve ever read.

The Ink Jester

  • Place: On a bus.
  • Character: A veteran cop
  • Object: a bowl of chicken soup
  • Weather: thunder all around.

It was the last time Nelson Daniels would ever ride the 22 from Port Chalmers, to the Valley. There he sat, resolute, eager to reach his destination. His tweed suit hugged his diminishing frame, as he stared out at the chill of the evening. The rain cascaded down the window, twinkling in the lights, filling itself with the colors of the city. The depth of darkness, heightened by the storm clouds, strengthened Nelson’s grip on the bowl of chicken soup; its heat dwindling, but its clear smell beginning to permeate through its thin protective foil. Inside, the bus was ablaze with conversation. You could hear two university students gossiping about a lecturer, a group of teens bandering about the latest lingo, and the bus driver chatting with a tourist. Yet…

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  1. Thanks for the support there my bro!

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