A Successful Blog Post: To All the Goons I’ve Liked Before


So what happens when you post a humorous post to poke fun at your shallow WordPress goons? You get noticed as legitimate. Oops!

The day before I created my To All the Goons I’ve Liked Before Post,  I made a new “views” record with 50 some “views” with 5 posts. The next day, the only post I did was the aforementioned. It doubled the record I had just set. But numbers don’t matter.

I’ve generated more activity on my blog with this single post than all my previous posts have generated. This post has generated more deep, useful comments than hours of reading and posting on other blogs. I’ve responded to each heartfelt comment and returned the favor. I thank each and every one of you for stopping by!

I was also impressed with the result. nearly 50% of users actually responded. That means only 50% of readers that “like” your material are being false. Of course, 90% of the posers responded in the first few hours. But, the course of events reaffirms that if you want a readership, let your audience know you are serious and honest. I was right in that honesty is its own reward, but it comes with bonuses. It earns friendships.

But most importantly, it has brought me closer to a community of like-minded individuals and writers. I’ve made some immediately amazing friends. Iain SutherlandBrenda, and Karen to name a few. But, if you are looking for honest friends, check out the whole list of those who commented on To All the Goons I’ve Liked Before Post. Actually, just look below, I’ve created a list with links.

My readership can expect several follow-up posts that apply similar humor and “weeding out” of inconsequential feedback.

Thanks to all those that posted a comment on my blog, and thanks even more to those who moved to other materials on my blog. You can expect more comments on your blogs as well!

List of honorable bloggers with links:

Iain Sutherland – Please check out his The Last Bus Ride

Brenda – Writes Children’s stories and fairy tales. I highly recommend her.

Writer Mummy – A long-standing writer friend of mine. Published author of Dragon Wraiths.

KraftedKhaos – Changing the world, one garbage man at a time.

Karen – Very supportive writer.

Akira Okihu – Looking forward to more of this young man’s blog.

Counting Ducks






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5 Responses to A Successful Blog Post: To All the Goons I’ve Liked Before

  1. Akira Okihu says:

    So to avoid a situation,:”Here!”. 😀 Thanks for the pingback.

  2. You’re right it was a successful blog post, but only because you are living what you write 😀 I honestly feel privileged to be on your honour roll. Thanks for all the support you’ve given me. Not only did your views go up, so did mine! Your post and resulting kinship inspired me to finally take WordPress seriously. Thank you James!

    • vozey says:

      Your writing inspires me to keep going and to keep growing as an artist. I would like to make it as writer. It seems like a lonely road. Yet, maybe not, maybe it is one we can walk together. Everything in me, writing wise, tells me I’ve just found my new best friend.

      • Haha that’s all very well and good, but will your riddles continue to torment me all day? Otherwise I dunno. I appreciate you taking the time to go through my work, and really connect with it. You’re right about it being lonely. You can count on my support bro.

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