Quick Writing Tips: The Nevers


Never stop yourself from writing something stupid.

Never stop yourself from correcting something stupid.

I think as long as writer’s follow those two things, they are writing at their best and stand to make the most advancement. Accept your creativity, but cut what needs to be cut.

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18 Responses to Quick Writing Tips: The Nevers

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Soemthing stupid.
    How’d I do?

    But seriously, I totally agree. But then having said that, if I know it’s stupid in the first place, nine times out of ten it ends up in the trash. … it’s the 10% that makes it worthwhile.

    Did anyone solve your riddle?

  2. Akira Okihu says:

    Well… If I don’t stop writing something stupid how can I correct something stupid?

    But still,I understand what you said. Also,I totally forgot about that riddle!

  3. This is particularly relevant today, I just wrote a poem called “i done writ a peon.” I agree though, being to conservative won’t get you anywhere.

    I was thinking today, as I saw picture in a magazine. Us writers have the power to make anything come to life. There were these two men sitting on a chair looking out over the gran canyon. One had a gasmasks perched on the top of his head and a gun in the other hand, the other was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and cargo shorts. They were both looking at the camera with a look of disgust. It struck me, I could make these characters come life, if I wanted to. I could give them dialogue, motives, and feelings. I could make them jump off the cliff. I could make them save the world.

    What power. What potential. It’s endless.

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