Life Sucks and you Move On: 2013 365 Challenge #270

If you are looking for a good read with a low price tag, you’ll find it here. I’m excited about reading more of Amanda Martin’s stories.

She also sticks with it through thick and thin, which is why I find her to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration and motivation as a writer.


You spend your life worrying about the little things – have the kids eaten a healthy tea, can I afford to take the youngest for lunch in the coffee shop or buy them new pyjamas? Then life throws you a curve ball, like being laid off or an illness, and all those petty worries seem meaningless.

Only they don’t. They seem huge; bigger than before. Because in a world gone to shit they’re the things you think you can control.

As parents we can’t keep our kids safe all the time, so we stress about making sure they’re fed and have slept well.

In work we can’t stop ourselves being in the next round of budget cuts so we focus on not getting fired at least.

You might have gathered that we got thrown a curve ball today. Not something I can discuss, except to say I’m gonna have to…

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  1. Aw, shucks, thanks for the compliment! And thanks for the reblog 😀

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