Earned a Scholarship for the Story Cartel Writing Course



Wow! I’ve been very busy, and I expect the busyness will continue to prevail. I’ll have to post up some pictures and updates this week. But, before I do that, I wanted to announce that I applied for a Scholarship for the Story Cartel course. The eight-week online course offers writers a steeple in modern publishing and book promotion along with a great community of professional writers.

Joe Bunting, creator of The Write Practice, has chosen me as one of the receipts of this amazing full scholarship. I’m excited! I’ve never earned a scholarship or been chosen for anything like this before! The course is normally $150-$200, though I think it is discounted for $135. I believe enrollment closes out TODAY (Oct. 10). I urge other writers to check out both of these sites. They have been fundamental in my development as a writer and will better my chances of making my dreams of being a full-time writer possible.

Also, if you like free books that only cost a review, the Story Cartel is for you.




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7 Responses to Earned a Scholarship for the Story Cartel Writing Course

  1. Karen says:

    Congrats! 🙂
    I am looking forward to reading about your experiences.

    Story Cartel rocks! I read and review for them, great books, great authors. Joe Bunting encourages the authors to contact their readers/reviewers.

    • vozey says:

      Thank you! Might have me busy for a while. On top of that, I’ve been doing welding on a pig pen at home every night. It is astounding how quickly life can go from being kind of slow and monotonous to raving fast and crazy!

      I’m excited that you are following me on this journey and keep an eye out for my books on Story Cartel!

      Thanks Karen!

      • Karen says:

        This is such a great opportunity for you!
        I am a frequent visitor at Story Cartel and I will definitely keep an eye open for your books!

        My next blog post about you will perhaps already be a review. 😉

  2. Akira Okihu says:

    Congratulations! Maybe next year I can see in libraries one of your books? Also,maybe when I grow older( or even next year if they accept minors) if they will still do this course I might also apply.

    • vozey says:

      Thanks. I don’t see this course going away, so it will probably still be there. I don’t know if they plan to continue doing yearly scholarships though. I think this may have been their first round of scholarships.

  3. Adrian B says:

    Congratulation and good luck. Let us know how you doing with the school.

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