Been Working on the Farm!

I’ve been really busy this week and probably will be for most of next week. I figured it might be easier to show you what I’ve been working on rather than trying to tell you.

My wife convinced me to buy some pigs over the past few months. We first bought a little pig.

Our Little Chubby Pig

Our Little Chubby Pig

Then, some larger ones. We’ve also got a BIG boar, Jimmy. He weights about 350 pounds. He’s a big boob!

Our Bigger Sleepy Pigs
Our Bigger Sleepy Pig

Within the next few weeks, we will be building them a much more stable and sturdy home. My family has been helping me drive those round posts into the ground (about 2 foot) for 3 or 4 weeks. If you’ve never driven a post, it is some HARD WORK! We’ve got posts drove enough for two pig pens. (Apparently, there are two more pens to come…)

My Pig Pen is coming together
My Pig Pen Is Coming Together

Now, we have begun the process of cutting and welding the driven posts together. I know it may be difficult to imagine how it will all come together, but if my readers are interested, I’m sure I can take more pictures and keep you updated!



Today, I spent a lot of time out at the bard, helping weld and cut pipes. I still need a lot of practice! They are not as easy to do as they look! I’ll have to get some shots of us cutting next time.

Weld Some More
Weld Some More

It takes a lot of measurements to get it to fit together properly. That’s where my father-in-law comes in (in background). It is amazing to be able to start visualizing the pens coming together. It makes driving all those posts, that seemed random at the time, worth it. I’m excited about showing you the final result in the next few weeks.

I’ll still try to get in some posts, but between working on the pig pens and participating in my new writing course, I’ve been very busy.

Oh, and I got a new bicycle this weekend. Now, I can bike out and camp out under a tree to write my book!

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3 Responses to Been Working on the Farm!

  1. Akira Okihu says:

    That’s nice! I remember going to my grandparents(they live on countryside). So beautiful!

  2. Adrian B says:

    To bad you live in US I could come and help you with the welding. Honest they don’t look so good. Try to increase the amperage or go with a smaller rod ( in diameter). Overall it look good.

    • vozey says:

      That is what my brother-in-law says actually. I have an uncle that has been working on the welding and he is out of practice. Hopefully, it will get used to it again because We’ve got lots of welding to do.

      Thanks Adrian!

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