Manes (Part Six)

Below is my installment for the story.

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Kyrian and Abin came out into great city within a large cavern. The rim of it glowed with infernal colors from a river of lava. Skinny and horned creatures circled the area with tall lances in their hands. They closed in when we arrived, place heavy shackles upon our limbs. Jaja entered behind us. The other demonic creatures bowed to him.

Jaja’s voice boomed over the cavern. “Imprison them. We don’t need any surface dwellers meddling in our affairs, disrupting our plans of conquest.”

Steely prods from jittering lances pressed us on. The cavern was huge, the roof of it barely visible from the light from the city and lava. It was very hot in the cavern. If they didn’t kill me, the heat surely would.

The shackled pair reached a corner of the cavern. The demons that had led them there cranked down a bridge that spanned the lava. Beyond were secluded caverns with barred doors. The demons led them across and shoved them in. Since their hands were bound behind their backs, they landed on the ground face first. Their bondages were released while they groveled in the dirt. The gate slammed shut.

The dungeon cell, dank and dark, reeked of mold. As Abin and Kyrian huddled together on the damp and hot stone, they notice a glowing pair of eyes in the far side of the cavern.

Kyrian feared they were being fed to some kind of monster. A short stalky creature came forward. It had wings and claws. It didn’t look too friendly.

“Greetings. I’m Grissle the Gargoyle. What brings you to my cell?”

“The three-headed thing, Jaja.” Kyrain said, still shrinking back against the wall. “Are you a demon?”

Grissle wrinkled up its face in thought for a moment. Then, it shrugged its shoulders. “Depends on who you ask.”

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3 Responses to Manes (Part Six)

  1. Akira Okihu says:

    It was fun to read and a fun project!

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