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Chatting with Charles Yallowitz: An Author Interview

The average indie author sells a few hundred copies of a book. Even though after spending nearly an hour chatting and interviewing the very¬† down-to-earth Charles Yallowitz, I find that his writing and attitudes are anything but typical. To date, … Continue reading

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Comma Simplified: The List Comma

What I call the List comma, also known as the Serial Comma and Oxford Comma, is the easiest comma to understand and remember. When we write about more than two items, we use it like this: red, green, and blue¬† … Continue reading

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Simplifying the Comma

I have had it in my head to get a better feel for grammar-related rules for some time. I’ve always been one to try to share my knowledge with those less knowledgeable about such subjects. I intend on revealing how … Continue reading

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