Chatting with Charles Yallowitz: An Author Interview


The average indie author sells a few hundred copies of a book. Even though after spending nearly an hour chatting and interviewing the very  down-to-earth Charles Yallowitz, I find that his writing and attitudes are anything but typical. To date, Charles has over 9000 sales on only two books. Neither have even been out for a year, yet. Looking for up-and-coming authors? If you’re still reading, you are looking in the right direction.

   His attitudes toward other writers are encouraging, and his desire to write is personal. He is an author focused on enjoying writing and sharing that enjoyment with others. Charles values a good fantasy story.

   I could barely contain my excitement when I got the opportunity to interview this growing indie author. I’ve recorded a portion of our conversations. Whether you are a reader or writer, you will find this interview to be a great introduction to a successful author and insight into his attitudes and inspiration as a writer.

   Download the audio interview.

   Charles’s is an avid blogger, and can be found at Legends of Windemere or at The Community Storyboard. He is supportive to his community and to fellow authors.LegendsOfWindmere2

   The Beginning of a Hero, the first book in this high fantasy novel series, can be found bought at Amazon for less than a dollar.

   You can find the second installment, Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, set in this wonderful fantasy world at Amazon as well. The next book in this fantasy series will be coming to you soon, so stay tuned!

   If you liked this interview, let me know! I might be coaxed into doing more.

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11 Responses to Chatting with Charles Yallowitz: An Author Interview

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    My first audio interview is up at My First Fantasy Novel. Very exciting!

  2. 1WriteWay says:

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    An interview with Charles Yallowitz and in audio!

  3. sknicholls says:

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    How cool is this? An Audio Interview of fantasy author of Legends of Windemere, Charles yallowitz! Download it here.

  4. Akira Okihu says:

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    Well, I haven’t read his books, but that’s a way to support a fellow writer. So yea, an interview with Charles Yallowitz! Suit yourselves.

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    Reblogged this on thisoldtoad.

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    An audio interview with Charles Yallowitz my friends! Check it out!

  7. tyroper says:

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    Audio interview with a great indie author.

  8. treyzguy says:

    Wow…he’s a REAL person?

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