My Piglets and Pig Pins


So, you came to look at my cute little piglets. Yay! I’ll give you the full tour. I’m sorry I haven’t kept you guys up-to-date on our pins. Got too busy!

IMG_1273IMG_1274First off, no, the pipe fencing you see was not store bought. Well, the raw materials were, but we drove the pipe ourselves with a manual post driver. We cut and weld this stuff together. It was a joint effort from most of my immediate in-laws, namely me, my wife, and my father-in-law.

On the top is my mother-in-law’s goat. She’s a pain in the butt sometimes, but it only a few months old. We had to stand a taller panel up so she wouldn’t escape. Goats are escape artists. Oreo, the pig behind the goat, is our pot-belly pig. We actually bought her off a family that kept her as an inside pet! And you thought we were weird! She’s as sweet as can be. We usually throw the boys in there to play when we feed the other pigs.

On the bottom is my new Mama pig! This is our first sow to ever have piglets! We’re pig farmers! Notice the pin fence here is much lower than normal. There is a reason for that. If mama pig decides she doesn’t like the way looked at her babies, you might have to jump it. See the gate in the picture on the top? It now has a panel welded to it. Fortunately, this sow was good-natured, allowing my dog in to check out the new babies. But now, the dog can’t get in there. FYI: there are two reasons we don’t want her in there. 1) If the pig gets upset at something the dog does (such as chasing a piglet), she might trample one of her own babies, 2) If the dog is attack by the pig, the dog will probably die. Some people believe pigs are slow, but they attain top speed, 9 mph, in like two strides.

That’s two of our three pig-pens

IMG_1275IMG_1276In the second hut, we have these right now! Piglets! 8 piglets is a decent first litter. Woofer, the sow, actually had 9, but one died, and we are sure whether it got smashed accidentally by mama pig or was born dead.

IMG_1277IMG_1279On the top you’ll see more pictures of my cute piglets. Wonder where the white came from. Well, the daddy pig is in the picture on the bottom. Well, his rear end is anyways. He is HUGE. I’ll have to get some more pictures of my huge pigs next time.

IMG_1280IMG_1281On the top you can see mama pig standing over the babies. So far, my pig has had a great temperament and been a great mama. Pigs will often kill their own babies, but she has not. She has also not offered to hurt any of us. You might also notice the injury to one of the babies shoulders. The new mama stepped on her. We stitched her up and we’re hoping for the best.

The last shot will show you some more of the setup and the goats’ pin.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my farm! Thanks for stopping by!

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2 Responses to My Piglets and Pig Pins

  1. This last weekend I found myself at a camping ground. Upon taking a walk around the grounds I discovered a friendly pig! It was so excited to see me, and was snorting and whining—I imagine it thought I had food. I had a moment of madness and tried to snort at it, and would you believe, it snorted back!

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