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I am now a Published Author!!!!

I am now a published author, along with several other writers from Skywriters in the Skywriters Ring Anthology! This is from the writing critique group I started 3 years ago. We have a wonderful community of talented writers. You’ll be missing out … Continue reading

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Durkwood: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Fingers in the Dark The images of a brunette appear to me between spells of darkness. I’m being dragged somewhere. I can vaguely make out the leaves of the trees overhead. An ear-piercing cry erupts from somewhere. The … Continue reading

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Durkwood: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Out the Window …even the slightest change in genetic makeup can cause extreme differences in the reactions occurring at the cellular level when a foreign substance is present. For example, identical twins have genetic differences that are imperceptible … Continue reading

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Story Cartel Course

The Story Cartel Course Opens Soon! What is the Story Cartel Course? This is a course directed at dedicated writers who want to extend the reach of their stories. For new writers and experienced writers alike, the course provides a … Continue reading

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Comma Simplified: Miscellaneous Commas

Commas for Quotes Whenever a piece of dialog is split, there will always be at least two commas, one inside the quote before the split, and one before the opening of the second part. EX: “If you want a piece … Continue reading

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Comma Simplified: The Parenthetical Comma

A comma sets off a parenthetical element. This “pathetic element” is subordinate to the essential meaning of the sentence. This is the hardest comma rule, because it is hard to tell when an element is non-essential. In the card above, we … Continue reading

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Comma Simplified – The Silly Old Adjective Comma

This post is an exception to the rest. Namely, I’ve said where you need to add commas. This one will tell you where not to put them.   If you remember the Series Comma, you know if you line up … Continue reading

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Comma Simplified: The Introductory Comma

Commas will often set off a phrase at the beginning of the sentence from the subject and verb appearing later. There is not much to say on the introductory comma, but there are a few different scenarios in which you … Continue reading

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Daniel the Draw-er

Sunny joined the Sky Writers from its first meeting back in November. She is an amazing writer, and I’m excited to share a link to her freshly published book, Daniel the Draw-er. This is a great children’s story, because it … Continue reading

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My Piglets and Pig Pins

So, you came to look at my cute little piglets. Yay! I’ll give you the full tour. I’m sorry I haven’t kept you guys up-to-date on our pins. Got too busy! First off, no, the pipe fencing you see was … Continue reading

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