In general, Writing is writing. Poetry, practices, books, and probably tons of other stuff. Namely, stuff that I wrote.

Novel Ideas

Greybo: A Dwarven Tale

Still struggling with the death of his father, Darowyn, a melancholy dwarf finds a darker part of himself rising to power once again. Afraid of losing himself, he is pushed overcome a past that he cannot remember. Or die trying. Meanwhile, an unknown enemy lurks the forest and the underground. Being the only one that has seen them, the dwarf wonders if they are an ancient enemy or just the illusions of his crazed mind and shattered past.

This book is part of a large fantasy series that is running in my head. The first chapters of Greybo are posted in chapters. My goal is to finish this book by April 2014.

Project Golem (undecided Title)

In underground cities built on technology and magic, humans struggle to survive. With dangers above them and below them, danger is man’s new best friend. Resources are limited and cities find themselves struggling against one another to survive. Etzin has revolutionized robotics, magic, and warfare with a brand new golem made of Adamantium and Sorrenthril. Will his invention allow his city to dominate and bring order and unity to the chaos of the underground cities? Will it bring peace or more war? Or Will it change history?




2 Responses to Writing

  1. kgbethlehem says:

    How are you coming along with your novel? Is it finish yet? Are you working on new projects?

    • vozey says:

      The first draft for my first novel is still in progress. 150k words written and still going. Since November, NaNoWriMo, I’ve been working on a new novel that I haven’t listed here. Not yet anyway. I just finished the first draft this week. Thanks for asking. I’m hoping to have more time to dedicate to blogging in the future, but for right now, I’m content with just making some headway.

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